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Becoming a Fitness & Nutrition AFFILIATE



    I have a new coach / affiliate training to teach you how I have been able to become successful with this business and replace my 9-5 income and grow a team of my own, all helping other people get fitness & nutrition results, as well as working on themselves.

    As a coach, our job is to first of all, work on our own health and well-being. Like the saying goes, you cannot pour from an empty cup. Being a product of the programs and products is encouraged. We are NOT sales people. We don’t sell anything. We believe in sharing the programs and products we use and helping other people get set up with them. 

    When signing up as a coach you will get an initial starter package of your choice that includes either a month of Superfoods shakes or some of the performance supplements. You can sign up without one of these pacakges, but then you will have to pay a coach sign up fee of $42. I also do not encourage signing up without the challenge pack because how are you supposed to help others with these programs and products if you don't even have them yourself? And, in addition, when signing up with a challenge pack, Beachbody will waive your coach sign up fee, so all you will have to pay for is the challenge pack and your cost to start as a coach is $0.

    Once you sign up with a challenge pack, you get an entire year access to over 1K workouts. These workouts include videos so you can see HOW to do the workout and move in the proper form, and know for how long. You follow along with the video as it goes. It's like having your own personal trainer come into your home. And, the best part, you can do these workouts ANYWHERE you want as long as you have wifi. The same is true for the business side of things, work from home, or anywhere you want like the beach, or car. You are able to use spare pockets of time to work the business. Minimal equipment is required. Most programs only require a couple sets of dumbbells and a mat. Some programs don't require any equipment. You also will get a workout calendar showing you what workout video to do each day.

    In addition to the workouts, your nutrition is SO important, so each workout program includes a customizable meal plan showing you how much to eat, and of what food group. This meal plan is SO nice, because it's a color coded system so you don’t count calories, you count containers. You will know how many containers (AKA specific food groups) to eat each day. Some meal plans for certain programs get a little bit more specific and do things like carb cycling or timed nutrition and have certain food groups combined at certain times. Or, if you are not into that type of structure and prefer a more intuitive eating plan, there is also the option for 2B mindset nutrition plating. This has a focus of veggies most, and shows you how to plate each meal. You will also get access to a WHOLE bunch of sample meal plans and recipes that you can modify and use.

    You will also get a month supplements of your choice. You can choose a month of superfoods Shakes: Shakeology OR a month of performance products: Recvoer and Pre-workout.

    If you want to to do a Deluxe package you can get the superfoods Shakes, Pre-workout (AKA my sunshine in a cup), and the recover. There are vegan options for shakes and recover, and the energize is also all natural and plant based, and COMPLETELY good for you. It isn't one of those horrible pre-workouts that makes you feel like you're having a heart attack. 

    LASTLY, you get me as your free personal coach and business mentor to help you not only with the programs and products, but also with the business side of things. You will get access to both of my private groups. The first is for the fitness and nutrition side of things. It’s what I call my VIRTUAL BOD SQUAD. This group is where a bunch of us are doing a program together and help each other stay accountable. Share recipes, fitness and nutrition tips, meal prep tips, and just daily inspiration to help you stay on track. We log our food and workouts in this group. The second group is my team page. This group is the FUELED & FIT Team page. I share training, team calls, speakers, and all things pertaining to the business side of things. 

    Maybe you’re not quite sure if being an affiliate is for you or not. That’s a totally normal concern. You can sign up as just a customer and pay regular retail price for the programs and products. You can then later decide to become an affiliate. However, I encourage those to sign up with their challenge pack as an affiliate first and if they wish, they can cancel their affiliate account and change it to just a customer account at any time without any penalty. The only difference is that they will not get their products at the discount affiliate rate of 25% off and also won’t receive my mentorship on the business side of things.

    However you decide to sign up, is totally up to you! I support whatever your goals are and whatever works best for you. I am just here to give you the different options so that you can decide which one works best. 

    I have to say that becoming an affiliate and coach has changed my life on so many levels. I have learned about personal development, met some of my best friends that I never would have met, traveled on trips I never would have been able to afford, gained confidence in myself as a leader, and have gotten in the best shape of my life. For me, being a coach gives me a little extra accountability. It’s easier for me to quit a program or not show up when its just for me, however, when I know there are others looking to follow my lead and waiting for me to show up, it makes it harder to not show up. Which is another reason I encourage those to give the affiliate option a shot. I do feel there is more accountability to it than just signing up as a customer. 

    I have been able to earn an income while also making an impact. I learned about nutrition and fitness along the way. When I signed up as a coach I initially had no interest in coaching. I simply wanted the discount on the shakes. As I started following the programs, I fell in love and wanted to share this with others. Now, here I am a few years later with a pretty large team of my own helping many people get their own fitness and nutrition results. Because of this opportunity, I also learned how passionate I was about nutrition more so than fitness. I started meal prepping and sharing pictures, the next thing I know I decided to turn my love for meal prep into a business. I started my own separate meal prep company in addition to being an online Beachbody coach. I also decided to go get certified as a Nutrition Specialist through the International Sports Sciences Association and to go to Culinary school to pursue my passions even more and got Certified in Culinary. My meal prep company, Beachbody coaching, and my LOVE for food go hand in hand. Had I not started these programs a few year back, I know I would have never found my passions or had the confidence and drive to start my own company. You are just as capable of me to do this. If I can do this and have success, I can guarantee anyone can!

    When I started as a coach, I had NO idea what I was doing. I smoked cigarettes one after the other, drank way too much, ate terribly and the only foods in my diet were very processed foods, I NEVER exercised, and was very insecure and unhappy. I did not have the confidence to even take a selfie or a video of myself. Now I no longer smoke, exercise DAILY, eat healthy, and have become a leader with confidence I never knew was possible for me. I would love to help you see what you are capable of too! I also would love to help you see that you don’t have to go to a job you hate day after day and can learn how to create a life of freedom and health for yourself like I have. It will take sacrifices and hard work, but it WILL BE WORTH IT.

    Are you ready to do this with me? I am ready for you! You can transform not only physically, but mentally and financially if you are wiling to put in the work required!


    There are many different routes you can take as a fitness & nutrition affiliate depending on what your goals are with this business opportunity, or maybe you don’t really even have interest in the business side of things, but you want to get your products for 25% off, then this is for you. I will break down all of the options, all of them have the same exact sign up process. What you do as an affiliate is completely up to you. Here are the different Affiliate options: 

    1. You have no desire to “work” the business, but you want to get 25% off on your products. There is a $15 / month affiliate fee you pay, but if you are ordering products regularly you will save more than that. I encourage everyone to sign up as an affiliate because they save the most money. Also, in addition to the discount, when you sign up as an affiliate with the purchase of a challenge pack your coach sign up fee is waived. 
    2.  You aren’t sure how you want to take this business, but you would like to refer a few friends and family members and get the discount. Each person you refer and sign up under you, you will receive a 25% commission.
    3. You want to grow a team of your own helping others, and you want to help as many people as possible. You will earn a discount on your products, commissions on your sales, and also will earn team cycle bonuses based on the volume of your team. This is where the BIG money can add up. Residual income is an amazing opportunity, especially right now. If you consistently put in the work, you will see the reward. Making money while you sleep is one amazing thing! 
    4. You want to do all of the above, but you also want to GO ALL IN. You want to hustle hard and earn quarterly bonuses and free yearly vacations that are paid for in addition to the discount, commissions, and team cycle bonuses. You are not stopping until you reach the top. The most amazing part of this opportunity is that anyone is capable of working hard and making their way to the top. This will take time, consistency and sacrifice, but you are READY for a life of FREEDOM. 

    Here is a link to the package that I am doing called #MBF and also includes #MBFA. There are a few package options. If you sign up as a coach you will want to do the coach sign up first so the coach sign up fee is waived with your challenge pack purchase, costing you $0. If you are seriously interested in signing up as a coach, send me a message and I can help you through the sign up process. My email is

    Take a look through some of the packages on promotion right now. There are many others to chose from not listed here, we can find the perfect package option for you based on your goals and budget. 




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    Same package as above, except instead of Shakeology you get Energize (preworkout) and Recover)


    Same as the first package, but ALSO includes Shakeology, Energize, and Recover. 

    What Flavors of Shakeology are there?? 

    You can either do a 30 serving bag of Shakeology of the same flavor, or you can do a box of 24 packets of the same flavor or mixture of flavors. There are Vegan and Whey options. 

    WHEY 30 Serving Bag:

    Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Cafe Latte, Greenberry

    WHEY COMBO PACKETS (24 servings):

    • chocolate, vanilla, and cafe latte
    • chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry
    • chocolate & vanilla
    • chocolate & greenberry

    VEGAN 30 Serving Bag:

    Chocolate, Vanilla, Tropical Strawberry, Cafe Latte

    VEGAN COMBO PACKETS (24 servings):

    • chocolate, vanilla, and cafe latte
    • chocolate & tropical strawberry
    • chocolate & vanilla
    • tropical strawberry and chocolate




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