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Have you ever spent a ridiculous amount of money on something for a period of time and then realized you could very easily make them yourself for a fraction of the cost? I was spend about $30 a week on those wellness shots from the grocery store each week. That's over a $100 a month on just wellness shots. I decided to make some of my own instead of spending the money! These are so much better than store bought too. I love them because they help me feel less bloated, give me a boost of energy, help with digestion, immunity, and they just overall have many health benefits to each individual ingredient. I usually have mine first thing in the morning. I also get some cute little mason jars from amazon to store them in for the week! 

MASON JAR SHOT GLASSES: https://amzn.to/3xL2Xw3

Here are the mason jar shot glasses I got. Or you could just store them in a sealed mason jar and take a shot each day. However, be careful, these STAIN, so you don't want to spill on your clothes or countertops. if you do, make sure to clean it immediately, or it will stain. Wear gloves when making them if you have them. Your hands can even stain! 

Here's the recipe! 

3-4 peeled oranges

2 lemons or limes, or one of each

1 large ginger root

1T turmeric powder (or 1 large turmeric root)

1/2 t black pepper

blend and strain



Store in the fridge and take a shot each day. 


Feel free to add variations to this. I have done all kinds of different things to spice it up! I've added a little cayenne pepper, some kiwi, and even some apple cider vinegar. The above recipe is mostly just a base to go off of, but you can alter it as needed based on what you have and what your preference is! 

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