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The First Few Weeks of Business at the Fit Foodie Meal Prep Store!

WOW!!!! What a crazy few weeks it has been!! It was such a nerve wracking thing opening up this store. I had really NO idea what to expect. Would I make all of these meals and have no one show up to buy them? That was my biggest concern. Well, that was NOT the case! I had customers very steadily coming in all day long over the last couple of weeks! Sometimes, even waiting at the door to come in! In previous experience from when I started my business in 2018, it was incredibly hard to sell healthy food. However, if I had opened up a deep fried bacon stand topped with cotton candy, people would be lined up to get some! I really was not sure how the community would respond. I knew I would have my regular customers there to get their meals, but would others come to get meals too? 

The storefront opened on Tuesday, 10/12/21 and we were completely sold out of ALL of the meals by Wednesday 10/13, at 3pm. So, the second week I made even MORE meals!! We sold out even faster! By 11:30am on Wednesday we were completely sold out! TWO WEEKS in a row where EVERY SINGLE MEAL SOLD!!!

This week we closed the store Wednesday night with only a few meals left. We decided to throw the meals in the freezer and will sell those at a discounted price next week in addition to all of the fresh new meals. 

These first few weeks have been kind of of a trial to see what works best for our customers. I want to accommodate those who need to pick up before work, and also those who need to pick up after work. With that being said, we decided to update our business hours to be open Tuesday 10am-6pm and Wednesday 8am-4pm. We will NOT be open on Thursdays going forward. Usually by Thursday there are NO MEALS or only a few meals left and I would prefer to freeze them and sell at a discounted priced instead of staying open Thursday. I also want to make sure my customers are getting their meals when they are super FRESH! So, we decided to close Thursdays going forward. Also, moved the Tuesday business hours to be later, since we are up really late making all of the meals. Wednesday will be the earlier pick up day! These will be the permanent hours going forward. 

These first few weeks couldn't have gone any better!! I am SO incredibly grateful for my customers. Who would have thought that me meal prepping for myself and posting on social media would turn into a full blow business!? I have been meal prepping for my customers since 2018. I started this business with NO clue what I was doing. People laughed at me and questioned why on earth I would want to leave my comfortable salary job of spreadsheets and admin work to go and COOK food. Well, lets just say I've always known the office 9-5 job was not for me! I HATED being stuck in an office all day not being able to be creative and feeling trapped. I am so happy I pursued my passion and took a risk on opening this business! There are always ups and downs, good weeks and bad weeks, but I know deep down that following my passion was meant to be!

I have learned along the way, and am still learning every step of the way what my customers need, and want. My goal is to provide them with the highest quality, healthiest food that is more convenient than fast food! I want to help our community GET healthy, STAY healthy, and enjoy living a HEALHTY life, without the stress and hassle of having to cook, clean, and grocery shop!

Every Monday me and my kitchen staff prep all of the meals for all of my customers who have preordered, and I also make extra for grab and go meal options. Its apparent that our community wants and needs healthy meals that are convenient. The hardest challenge for me so far has been keeping the Fridge stocked! I am so grateful for all of my customers for choosing to support a small and local business! I put my heart and soul into making these meals for you and coming up with new healthy food combos that people will want to eat, and that will be good reheated! I am so thankful for all of the awesome and positive reviews I have received this far! I love to hear the feedback on the meals you liked best and even the ones you didn't care for. It helps me when planning future menus. 

I truly have the best customers! And, we have the best community! Thank you again for helping me make my dreams come true and allowing me to help our community be healthier! 

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