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I clearly LOVE FOOD. I do believe that it's important to eat healthy foods above all else when it comes to nutrition. I also believe that supplements can really be beneficial to an already healthy diet. They make my life so much more convenient. And I am ALL about convenience. It would be nearly impossible for me to get the amount of nutrients in my diet as I am able to with supplements. This is simply what I take and what works for my lifestyle in accordance to my diet, that is already very healthy and filled with fiber filled carbs, lean proteins, and healthy fats. These are just a bonus to that already healthy diet. Maybe you are like me and love supplements, and maybe you want nothing to do with them. Either way is totally okay! 

My daily routine looks almost identical from day to day. I am a creature of habit and I truly have become someone who LOVES their morning routine. It's a pretty solid part of my day, every single day. Even when I travel I bring these supplements with me because they help me maintain the healthy lifestyle I love, even on the go. 

Here's what my day looks like typically.

7am- WAKE UP: Fill my Hydrarank jug with water. I use this jug as my measuring device to make sure I am getting the minimum of 70 ounce in per day. I absolutely love this particular water bottle because it comes with an insulated cover that has a pocket for your phone, a chain to hang keys on, and best of all, it has a STRAP! My goal each day is a gallon. I also cut up lemons and have them stored in the fridge and add them to my water every morning. Here's the link for the water bottle I use. HYDRARANK WATER BOTTLE 

7:10am- Take my home made Wellness Shot. Click HERE for the recipe.

7:15 take vitamins: The vitamins I take are Sea Moss capsules, vitamin D, and Echinacea. https://www.amazon.com/shop/influencer-d10e8a0f

7:20am: mix up 1 Up Nutrition Greens and Reds and add 5 drops in Biosil (hair, nails, and skin health). I also take 5 more drops of this at bedtime. 

8:30am: take PREWORKOUT + BCAA/EAA's

9-10am: WORKOUT (to follow one of my workouts program pdf's or download my cook eBooks: click here)

11:00am: Mix up my protein iced coffee + eat breakfast. My breakfast is usually protein bread, plus turkey, hard eggs, some sort of vegetable, and some sort of fruit.

My absolute favorite way to have my protein shake is with iced coffee. Here the recipe for my favorite way to make it! 

  • Add ice to a large cup. Add 1 cup of coffee to the ice. Use a milk frother to froth almond milk + 1 Up Nutrition Banana Bread Vegan Protein + Collagen Peptides) Pour the protein mix over your coffee and sprinkle some cinnamon on top. This tastes like a fancy Frappuccino! Its my absolute favorite way to have my protein shake. I also use unsweetened almond milk. 

1:00pm: LUNCH. For lunch I typically always have Fit Foodie Meal Prep

3:00 pm SNACK time- My snacks usually consist of a protein, veggie, cheese, and carb. One of my favorite afternoon snack combos is a tuna creations packet + Quest protein chips + string cheese + cucumbers or carrots. I sometimes mix tuna/chicken packet with Greek yogurt or cottage cheese, buffalo sauce, and some ranch seasoning and dip my chips/veggies in it. 

6PM: DINNER. My dinner changes every night. It really just depends on what my family wants. Sometimes its lower carb depending on the meals I have had already, and sometimes it is higher carb if my meals in the beginning part of the day have been a little bit lower carb. 

7:30PM BEDTIME SNACK. I love to mix Greek yogurt with frozen blueberries. I always crave ice cream at night for some reason, so this is healthier option. Or I will crush up a couple chocolate rice cakes, add 1/2 scoop of protein powder, and almond milk to a bowl with some PB2 for a healthier cereal option. I like to get creative with my bedtime snacks. But they usually always consist a fruit since I crave sweets at night, and a protein, to keep me full throughout the night.  

9pm: yogi bedtime tea before bed. 

This is currently what my day to day meal plan looks like. I am in a cutting phase and aim to eat around 1500-1700 calories a day. The macros I aim for each day are: 172g protein- 76g fats - 85g carbs. What works for me may not work for you or even be recommended. Use a macro calculator to figure out a general idea of what you should be getting each day. This is the calculator I use to figure out my macros based on if I am cutting, bulking, or maintaining. 

I hope this helps! Reach out if you have any questions! 

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