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Tips for a Successful and Healthy Week!

There are a few things I do every week to help set me up for a successful week. And I am going to share these tips with you all! No, you don't need to do all of these to have a great week! Even doing just a couple of these will have you on your way to a successful week!

  1. Number one, yes, you guessed it: Meal prep of course! Yes, I know I am biased since I own Fit Foodie Meal Prep, but in all honesty this saves so much time having healthy meals pre-made that I can just grab out of the Fridge and eat as needed. Even before owning a meal prep company, I always made sure to meal prep. It helped me so much, I decided to do that for a living.  I am constantly on the go and don’t have time to prepare myself a lunch or even dinner most nights. Usually running from work to sporting events and all over the place, so having something healthy and ready to eat all week long is KEY for me.  I can't even begin to tell you how many times having meal prep has saved me from a drive through or some other terrible processed food. And, you don’t even have to really “Meal Prep”. There are some ways for those who are super lazy and don’t want to set aside time to meal prep and some of these I used to even do. Of course you can just buy Fit Foodie Meal Prep from me if you are local to make your life easy! I got you. BUT, if you prefer a way to do it yourself here are a couple tips. Whatever you make for dinner on Sunday night, just make 3x the amount as normal so you will have enough for multiple lunches or dinners. Don't want to eat the same thing all week? No biggie, throw some chicken in a crock pot, rice in a rice cooker, and a sheet pan of veggies to roast with olive oil and seasonings. Boom, mix and match some combos and sauces up to give you a little bit of variety. If you want some other ideas on meal prep, I have a couple eBooks with all of my favorite recipes! ​eBooks / PDFs – Fit Foodie Meal Prep
  2. Exercise. Yes, I know. You’re busy. We get it. We are all busy. But making time to exercise will really make your week go so much smoother. Preferably in the morning, but do whatever works for your personal schedule. And, it doesn’t even have to be a full on exercise program! You do not need to spend hours in the gym. You can simply go for a walk, or do a quick at home 20 minute workout. Start small. But make a point to move your body in some way every day. All of the most successful people exercise, and there is a reason for it. Exercise not only improves your mood and gets those endorphins flowing, but it also gives you more energy. A little bit of movement goes a long way. Trust me! Give it a try. If you need some pdf guidance and just don’t know where to start, check out my online PDF fitness guides. You can download them right to your phone and do them from home or the gym. Minimal equipment is required. Just a couple sets of dumbbells mainly. Here’s the link to the PDF’s,
  3. In addition to planning out your meals and workouts, plan out your outfits! I like to set aside the outfits I plan to wear throughout the week. That means get your laundry done. Sometimes I end up changing my mind, but having it all laid out ahead of time just really helps my week go smooth. Sometimes I sleep in and don't have time to try to figure out what to wear, so having them already set aside is one hack that really works for me! This also helps me to look my best, and when I look good, I feel good. It's all about that energy you carry when you look good and feel put together. There is power in that.
  4. Chore podcasts!! What is that? Well, I like to do activities that allow me to multitask and let me also listen to a podcast or personal development book, or some sort of audio that I can listen to while doing other things that need to be done around the household. Audible is great for this. But I don’t just sit down and listen to the audio, I like to LEVEL up and do multiple things at once. For example if I need to clean the house, you best believe I have headphones in and am also listening to some sort of audio that will improve my mind too. Getting ready for work. Audio book. Folding laundry, dishes, any time I have mindless activities I am listening to some sort of personal development. Every single day! 
  5. Manifestation Walks. What is this? This is the time I set aside to go for a walk. If it's nice out, I will do this outside. I prefer walking outside, but sometimes the weather does not cooperate, especially living in Minnesota where the temps can get way too cold to walk outside. This is simply where I go for a walk with headphones in and listen to a guided meditation. It can be any type of meditation you prefer. I will usually just search on YouTube to find a guided meditation that fits what I want to listen to that day. As I am on my walk, I literally pretend I am the person I want to be with every desire I have ever wanted in my life. I embrace the feeling that I would feel if everything I ever wanted was already mine, because it is! We have the desires we do because there is a version of us already with the desire. As they say, if you can imagine it, you can have it. While on this walk, walk into the ENERGY of the person you would be. Light, carefree, happy, fulfilled, magnetic, fun, and FREE. That is the person you are meant to be. NOT WHEN you get your desire. BUT NOW. If you can sustain that feeling of already having your desire, you will manifest it faster. It’s all about the feeling of the wish fulfilled as Neville Goddard says. So, go on this walk, listen to that guided meditation and really FEEL how you would feel if all of these desires had already happened. Another form of this was something Tiffany Carter calls an “Abundance walk”. She has some great podcasts too if you're looking for some ideas for tip number 4. Her podcast is called ProjectME with Tiffany Carter. 
  6. Writing TO DO lists. I use the notes in my phone to create to-do lists. I have them broken down into daily to do lists titled with each day of the week. That way I know each day of the week the important things that need to be done and I arrange them so the most important ones are always at the top. I add to the list as the day goes, and get major satisfaction in crossing them off of my to do list and ending the day with a blank notes section for that day. I usually do this each night before bed so I can wake up and be reminded of what I need to do. If it isn’t on my list, I most likely won’t do it. I have to even write shower on my to do list. I need a list to guide me day to day and keep me focused on each task. Otherwise I start 90 things at once and finish ZERO of them. 
  7. Getting a reusable water bottle that I enjoy drinking out of. Refill it each morning and DRINK your water. MY goal is always around 100 oz of water. Half the time we think we are hungry when in all reality we are thirsty. We end up eating junk we didn't even want or need to eat! Water will make you feel better all week long, and being hydrated really helps the week go smoothly.
  8. Set your coffee pot on auto brew each night before bed. I am the kind of person that needs coffee the second my eyes open. So doing this is a game changer. 
  9. Set aside a cleaning schedule and aim to do a little each day, with one major cleaning day/cleaning reset day. My cleaning reset day is on Sunday. I do a lot of these cleaning tasks multiple days of the week, but make sure to do them all on Sunday as a reset so I can start the week with a clean and refreshed house. I wash the sheets, bath rugs, sweep, vacuum, mop, empty all garbage cans, wipe counters, dust, clean mirrors and sinks, litter boxes for my animals, and once all that is done, I light a candle and enjoy a clean space. Because it only lasts in my household for about 2 minutes! ;)
  10. Create a good bedtime routine too. Wash your face, brush your teeth, turn on some relaxing music and read a book. Getting enough sleep is super important for having a successful week and just being your best. Good sleep is so underrated. People associate sleep with being lazy. I know that when I get enough sleep, I am the farthest person from being lazy and can get so much more done, all while being in a better mood doing it.
  11. Set alarm reminder affirmations. I like to set my affirmation reminders for 11:11 am 1:11 am, 2:22, 3:33, 5:55 etc. Some examples of this are just setting an alarm with a labeled reminder so at certain times of day you will get a little notification reminding you of your affirmations. Example. 11:11am label titled “I am a badass who will accomplish all of my tasks today!” Or, 5:55pm, “I release all negativity from the day.”
  12. Do one form of self care. Something you really like doing. Maybe taking a bath and reading a book. Getting a pedicure. Infrared sauna session, whatever your heart desires that makes you feel pampered and lavish. 

Well, there you go! Those are my tips for a successful week! You can start with just a couple of these and slowly work your way up to all of them! Sometimes life happens and even just brushing our teeth deserves an award, I get it! No one is perfect, but adding healthy habits into your daily and weekly routine will help you become the best version of you that you can be!

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