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FIT FOODIE 4 Week Online Fitness and Nutrition

FIT FOODIE 4 Week Online Fitness and Nutrition

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A fully online workout program created by a Certified Nutrition Specialist and Fitness Coach. This program incorporates food, fitness, healthy eating, simple cooking, and general well being in one full package. This program can be done at home or at a gym if you prefer. The only equipment you will need are a couple sets of dumbbells, a resistance loop or band, and a yoga mat. You will learn how to eat right without being deprived or cutting food groups. The nutrition guide has a focus of eating the right amount of portions based on your individual size and body type. Some people thrive on a higher carb diet, while others thrive on a lower carb and higher protein and fat diet. We will work to find what your body thrives best on. Once you purchase, it will say available for pick up, but disregard as this is a downloadable pdf that is sent to you.

What's included??

*Measurement Tracking Sheet

*Nutrition Guide & Food Breakdown

*Weekly Food/Water/Exercise Log

*Why & Goals Sheet

*Affirmations Sheet

*Q&A Sheet

*Fitness Schedule

*7 Different workouts + Warmup Workout w/ tracker sheets and videos for all 

  • Meal Prep/ Yoga & Meditation Day
  • Arms & Abs
  • Legs & Lower
  • Cardio & Core
  • Plyometrics
  • Ass & Abs
  • Sexy Back & Obliques

 *My 1:1 coaching and support via email or Facebook group